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Erochain: Redefining Polands erotic industry

EUROPE 10 Jun 2024 by Peach Ball
Let's say, looking back in time, Poland was not known to be a famous host of adult entertainment conferences. Maybe 2024 is going to change that? Past weekend, on the 7th and 8th of June, the Erochain Expo took place in Polands capital city Warsaw. It was held in a quite large exhibition...

Year Kickoff with Conference Orgy

NORTH AMERICA 29 Jan 2024 by Peach Ball
It's January 2024 and the year started with not only one or two but four adult industry conferences and shows. Specially for non Americans a worthwhile trip since one can network or enjoy shows excessively within just two weeks. Let's have a quick view on all of the four shows: XBIZ...

Venus Berlin 2023

EUROPE 31 Oct 2023 by Peach Ball
The Venus show in Berlin is a dinosaur in the business. The 26. installment of that famous consumer and business show just ended. These are a few impressions: More LGBTQ This year the organizers wanted to be a bit more inclusive and gave the LGBTQ community a more visible platform. While in...

A first timer: The i-con Conference in Cyprus

EUROPE 03 Jul 2023 by Peach Ball
The inaugural i-con Conference recently concluded in Limassol, Cyprus, bringing together industry professionals and enthusiasts from various sectors of the online space. The two-day event was held at the magnificent "City Of Dreams" casino resort hotel and featured an engaging show floor...

TES 2023 in beautiful Cascais

EUROPE 26 Feb 2023 by Peach Ball
The European Summit, a B2B conference focusing on affiliate marketing in the adult entertainment industry, was held in Cascais, Portugal from 22nd to 25th of February 2023. The conference was attended by visitors from a variety of countries, including the US, Canada, Germany, France, and others. The...

Bucharest Summit 2022

EUROPE 30 Jun 2022 by Peach Ball
They claim to be the "Largest European Business Event for Digital, Cams, Fans, Entertainment and Affiliates". The Bucharest Summit is for sure quite large and is being held for several years now. Not really for fans in my opinion--I also did not notice any--but it's a solid and well...

Back to real life: Internext 2022

NORTH AMERICA 14 Jan 2022 by Peach Ball
It is like the feeling of being born again: I'm about to attend the first industry event after almost two years of Corona break. Nobody can tell me that the Zoom-like online events were anything to be looking forward (or back) to. Of course they were the only solution to not completely loose...

EWT is going more digital

EUROPE 27 Feb 2020 by Peach Ball
Last year the Eurowebtainment show (EWT) celebrated its 30th anniversary. Has the time come to adjust the concept? Apparently at least for this year. The EWT started as an event for porn and adult entertainment including all businesses attached to that, hosting companies, billing providers, traffic...

AVN Awards 2020

NORTH AMERICA 29 Jan 2020 by Peach Ball
It is probably the most recognized and prestigious award show the adult industry has: The AVN Awards. It's been held each year in January during the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. Let's spend a few words on this years event--the 37th. What makes the AVN Award Show quite unique is...

We survived Las Vegas

NORTH AMERICA 28 Jan 2019 by Peach Ball
Yes, we survived the crazy days along the AVN Expo and Internext in Las Vegas. The parties and events especially for the industry professionals were sumptuous. Free drinks not that unusual and networking opportunities were everywhere. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has two large bars where most...

A new record for TES in Prague

EUROPE 17 Sep 2018 by Peach Ball
Being last is not always a bad thing. This years The European Summit (TES) in Prague was the last of three shows in a row and also the one that left the biggest impact. September took off with the Webmaster Access in Amsterdam, continued with XBIZ Berlin and ended with TES. As in previous years,...

Getting a spanish tan while networking

EUROPE 28 May 2018 by Peach Ball
Granted, it's quite nice to combine pleasure with business. There are a few industry events that are a bit cooler than others, at least location wise. The Eurowebtainment is one of them. The latest installment of this famous show has just ended. While its held on the Spanish island of...

Extasia: Going big in a small country

EUROPE 29 Apr 2018 by Peach Ball
The Extasia fair in Switzerland has quite a long history, the first show was held way over 10 years ago. While it started in Zurich, some years later it was forced to move to Basel, mainly due to political reasons--some religious groups went against it. Good luck for the organisiers, that dust has...

It's been 5 years, time for an update

18 Apr 2018 by Expofritz
It was five years ago, when one day my fellow industry perverts and me came up with the idea to create an event calendar. A calendar with all the industry events on this planet. Because, surprise, we haven't found any other sources that were at least halfway up to date. Since adult...

The new year starts with XBIZ!

NORTH AMERICA 07 Feb 2018 by Expofritz
The XBIZ show in Hollywood started the year of adult business. This typical B2B event took place in the Andaz Hotel, which was exclusively occupied for this gathering of adult industry professionals.Attendants could participate in several panels and seminars. Two very interesting ones were about the...

And it was again Venus Berlin...

EUROPE 04 Nov 2017 by Peach Ball
The Venus fair in Berlin has a long history, actually 21 years of history. And--which is good for the organizers--it has not lost much of is sparkle until now. Each year it attracts thousands and thousands of sexcurious visitors. It's still one of the largest adult shows in the world for...

The European Summit in Prague

EUROPE 23 Sep 2017 by Peach Ball
It was kind of the finale of quite a tour this September. The European Summit in Prague was the last webmaster show of a row that started with the Webmaster Access in Amsterdam, then the XBIZ Berlin.In Prague several dozen companies presented themselves and their services at the show floor of the...

The summer is over, let's get to business again

07 Sep 2017 by Peach Ball
The summer is over however no need to put away the suitcases from the summer holidays if you are working in the adult entertainment industry. September will be packed with opportunities to network, attend seminars or just hang around with fellow industry people.There is no time to get home if...

LALEXPO: The show that was ended before it started

SOUTH AMERICA 12 Jul 2017 by Expofritz
LALEXPO is an important show for the latin american adult market, actually they claim to be the only one for the region. It takes place in Cartagena, Colombia and should have started this week. Unfortunately it was shut down by the authorities before it even officially started,  apparently due...

ETO Show 2017 cancelled

EUROPE 29 Mar 2017 by Expofritz
The ETO Show in Birmingham has a long standing and is the number one address for all adult trade businesses in the UK. It's where shops meet distributors and get to see what's new on the market from manufacturers.Now in 2017 things will be different: It has been cancelled. Before it came to...

AVN, Las Vegas, Rock'n'Roll!

NORTH AMERICA 07 Feb 2017 by Peach Ball
Yes, we can say it's still the highlight in January, the AVN show in Las Vegas including the AVN Awards. As like in the recent years, the show took place in the Hard Rock Hotel in Sin City. A quite intimate location where it's easy to meet people even without setting appointments. Again in...

2017: Let's get it started...

05 Jan 2017 by Expofritz
Happy New Year everybody!As usual, the year starts with two big events in the US, first the XBIZ then the legendary AVN Expo and Award Show in Las Vegas. Not to forget as well the Internext, which is leading the regular AVN show and is the place to go for all webmasters.The XBIZ show is held in the...

20 Years Venus Berlin

EUROPE 18 Oct 2016 by Peach Ball
For 20 years already the organizers of the Venus fair in Berlin gather a huge crowd of fans and adult business people. And it's remarkable that even the show shrunk in size over the years, it's still larger than the AVN Expo in Las Vegas. This years anniversary event was spread over four...

The show from the other side of the world

ASIA 04 Sep 2016 by Peach Ball
It is a very special experience to visit the Asian Adult Expo in Hong Kong. A whole bunch of mainly Chinese manufacturers meeting other Asians and a couple of westerners. A German visitor quoted: "I have never seen so many vibrators on just a small spot".This years event took place from...

Busy days for Webmasters ahead

18 Aug 2016 by Expofritz
No doubt, the next weeks are going to be very busy for adult webmasters in Europe.  Four events are coming up where it's possible to find new contacts, network and present own developments and ideas.XBIZ BerlinThe European SummitWebmaster AccessVenus BerlinWhile the Venus Berlin is B2B and...

XBIZ coming to Berlin

EUROPE 27 Apr 2016 by Peach Ball
XBIZ has decided to launch a webmaster event in Berlin, Germany's capital city. It's an interesting move since Berlin is also home of the Venus show. But it's also an understandable move as Berlin hosts many tech companies including many from the adult industry.It's  a 4 day...

The largest porn expo in the world

EUROPE 29 Oct 2015 by Peach Ball
There is no doubt, the Venus Berlin is the largest porn expo on this planet. And proof again was this years 19th installment that took place at the end of October. Four halls packed with everything the adult industry has to offer. From webcam girls presenting themselves to all kinds of fetish gear...

The first one under the sun...

EUROPE 14 Mar 2015 by Peach Ball
The European Summit is the first adult entertainment event of the year happening next to the beach under the sun. Even though the weather was pretty chilly this year, the sun was there! As always, it all happened in Sitges, which is about 20km away from Barcelona. The motto was "Golden...

It rocks at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas

NORTH AMERICA 02 Feb 2015 by Peach Ball
Each year a huge amount of awards are handed out in Las Vegas during the Adult Entertainment Expo. All organized by the AVN Magazine, the "bible" of the porn industry. This years show was hosted by comedian Danielle Stewart and the two porn stars Alexis Texas and Tommy Pistol. They all...

2015 starts with a bang!

03 Jan 2015 by Expofritz
Each year normally starts with a bang when it comes to adult industry events. The two big ones take both place in January. First we have the B2B conference XBIZ 360 in Los Angeles starting on the 13th, then the Adult Entertainment Expo on the 21st in Las Vegas. Both feature relevant awards shows for...

Venus Show and Venus Awards Berlin 2014

EUROPE 21 Oct 2014 by Peach Ball
Once a year and for the 18th time already, the Venus Berlin has just finished. This time the organizers abandoned the idea of creating a separate B2B area, also there was no "trade only" day. It was 4 days of full porn power. Well visible were all the webcam and amateur girls, most with...

Time to pack the suitcase. Big time.

03 Sep 2014 by Peach Ball
September is a month where the designated adult industry person needs to put a lot of clothes into the suitcase. In particular if he or her is in the online business. The month is packed with events and therefore a lot of traveling in the calendar.Very intensive are the last two weeks of the month....

Three days of Asia Adult Expo in Hong Kong

ASIA 02 Sep 2014 by Peach Ball
Hong Kong is a perfect city to hold an exhibition. The city is easy to reach from all over the world, even though some hours of flying may be involved. This years Asia Adult Expo was held again in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition center, far from everybody up on the 5th floor.Compared to...

The ETO Show 2014 in Birmingham

EUROPE 23 Jun 2014 by Peach Ball
Adultwise there is not that much happening in the United Kingdom. On reason for sure is are  strict government regulations that mainly affect porn.Nevertheless, again this year the ETO Show took place in Birmingham, organised by the ETO Magazine. As expected, the main attractions of that B2B...

Relaxed business in Majorca at the Eurowebtainment

EUROPE 25 May 2014 by Peach Ball
It is one of those events that does not really smell too much like business. A hotel just at the sea, free burgers at the pool and a party boat ride. And of course sun even though it became quite chilly at night.Still there was place to network. For example at the speed networking event. There were...

May is packed with events. Prepare yourself!

12 Apr 2014 by Peach Ball
Looking at the Adult Industry Events calendar reveals a large number of conferences and shows in various cities. The large consumer event Exxxotica in Fort Lauderdale kicks of the month while the X Show in Moscow will finalize that erotic month. In between we have to classic and famous B2B events,...

Sitges, Spain. Business and relaxation.

EUROPE 10 Mar 2014 by Peach Ball
Just some days ago The European Summit in Sitges, Spain ended. It is one of those B2B events for the adult online industry where nobody is starving. Not regarding networking opportunities and neither food or drinkwise. Sure it was not yet summer however the patio of the Calipolis hotel was rarely...

The XBIZ 360 in Hollywood just finished

NORTH AMERICA 29 Jan 2014 by Peach Ball
If you're working in the adult industry it's quite a must to visit the XBIZ 360. It's a B2B event packed with seminars, discussion panels and networking opportunities.This years event was held in the very stylish W Hotel Hollywood. Right in front of the doors one could find the many...

The Asia Adult Expo in Macau was entertaining!

ASIA 19 Dec 2013 by Peach Ball
There are not a lot of adult conventions happening in Asia. And if you would like to create one, it's necessary to carefully choose the appropriate country. The Asian "Las Vegas" Macau seems to be one of those. Organizer Vertical Expo did a great job with the latest edition of their...

Berlin will rock...

EUROPE 11 Oct 2013 by Peach Ball
One of the biggest adult industry events is going to happen very soon. It's the Venus Fair in Berlin. It's one of the few venues where porn is still playing a major role. Many well known producers will be there, some even have a booth. And of course many pornstars will be in Berlin to pose...

It's getting busy in September

11 Sep 2013 by Peach Ball
There is the saying "All the good things come at once". It appears this also applies to the adult webmaster scene. Even though it might not be beneficiary to everyone.There are at least three different webmaster events happening more or less at the same time. That indeed will keep some...

That was the Asia Adult Expo in HKG

ASIA 02 Sep 2013 by Peach Ball
Asia does not have a lot of adult exhibitions. A rare amount of shows is organized by Vertical Expo, the most recent one in Hong Kong from the 29th to the 31st of August. The show was held in the Hong Kong Exhibition Center and offered quite a large amount of exhibitors. Their main focus was on...

Erotic business in Hong Kong

ASIA 23 Aug 2013 by Peach Ball
Due to the restrictive laws there is not so much of an open erotic business happening in Asia, at least not when it comes to visual entertainment like porn movies. The situation is slightly better in the field of novelties. Often they can be marketed as health products. Lingerie is the easiest to...

Feminist Porn Awards 2013 winners

NORTH AMERICA 08 Apr 2013 by Peach Ball
The Feminist Porn Awards are focusing on achievements in the field of porn made by women for women. Even though most titles can also be considered "couple friendly" and therefore be enjoyed during a romantic evening.The organizers (the team of the "Good For Her" store chain)...
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