AVN, Las Vegas, Rock'n'Roll!

NORTH AMERICA 07 Feb 2017 by
Picture: AVN, Las Vegas, Rock'n'Roll!

Yes, we can say it's still the highlight in January, the AVN show in Las Vegas including the AVN Awards. As like in the recent years, the show took place in the Hard Rock Hotel in Sin City. A quite intimate location where it's easy to meet people even without setting appointments. Again in the big show hall there were many cam girls and porn starlets lined up and ready to get close with the fans. As always, it was a feast for the fans. Basically--as a porn girl--if you're not at the AVN you don't exist.

There were two ballroom halls just around the corner, one was more focused on porn, the other on novelties. There was also a separate B2B novelty hall a bit off the main area. Yeah, novelties are the big thing, as well as VR. Several companies presented their VR sites and movies.

Was the AVN busy? Yes it was. It felt it was more busy than the previous one or two years. The companies started to arrange themselves, those in declining markets adjusted their businesses or added new markets. Others, mainly in the online field, kept on expanding. Porn is alive.

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