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We are a small group of European online editors that frequently visit various adult entertainment shows. The reason we started adultindustryevents.com is simple: It was about getting an overview of all the important events. Other sources we knew were just never complete. Maybe they left some events out that were held by the competition or they just did not cover certain regions.

Since a plain calendar is quite boring, we decided to bring in more content in form of reports. So as a visitor to this site you can also enjoy some impressions of past events and fairs. We also try to give additional value by writing more indepth articles, for example about the best way to benefit from networking at an event.

This site is mainly aimed at the adult industry professional however, also if you're a fan or consumer, we're happy to show you what's happening and when. Look out for the events marked "B2C".

The adult industry covers a wide range of entertainment businesses. Starting with classic porn and webcam/livecam sex over gambling to online dating. And in the middle there are several service providers for all kinds of the industrys requirements: Billing, hosting, SEO, web design and so on.

Where do all these people meet? Where are the places to turn ideas into projects? Where can I show my services or products? This Adult Industry Events website will give an overview on what events are happening all over the world.

Submit an event

Do you organise an adult industry event we might have missed? Please let us know! Some of the few necessities to get listed are, that your event needs to have a website and that it takes place at one particular location.


Please contact us by email if you have any questions or suggestions for this site. Also, if you are interested in advertising or partnerships.

[email protected]

Note that we are not affiliated with any of the event organisers. Questions about an event itself have to be directed to the organisers. Contact information can normally be found on the events homepage.


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