Erotic business in Hong Kong

ASIA 23 Aug 2013 by
Picture: Erotic business in Hong Kong

Due to the restrictive laws there is not so much of an open erotic business happening in Asia, at least not when it comes to visual entertainment like porn movies. The situation is slightly better in the field of novelties. Often they can be marketed as health products. Lingerie is the easiest to publicly offer. Asian girls like to look hot, sexy fashion can be found all over.

Vertical Expo is holding the Asian Adult Expo in Hong Kong from the 29th to the 31st of August 2013. The main focus of the show will be on novelties and lingerie. For latter they have an own show within the show which is called "Intimate Lingerie Asia".

In general many asian producers will be ready to show their latest products. It's one of the few opportunities to see what's happening on the asian market.

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