Extasia: Going big in a small country

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Picture: Extasia: Going big in a small country

The Extasia fair in Switzerland has quite a long history, the first show was held way over 10 years ago. While it started in Zurich, some years later it was forced to move to Basel, mainly due to political reasons--some religious groups went against it. Good luck for the organisiers, that dust has settled and the Extasia show could come back to Zurich.

Since the beginning it was a pure B2C show with a nice mix of various exhibitors and live shows. What makes people to attend are also the high class stars invited to the event. Perfect for fans to get in touch with their idols. Rocco Siffredi anyone? He showed up this year as well as several other years before. Milo Moire, an erotic artist, could be met as well. She is quite known in Switzerland and Germany for doing some controversial public performances.

A broad and diverse audience

Talking about the audience: Interestingly, the people attending are quite diverse. From young couples to groups of girls to old gentlemen looking to spot some naked boobs. Like other exhibitions, the Extasia transformed from a mainly porn event to a lifestyle event. Besides some porn and webcam girls on stage, there is almost no classic porn visible. Surely vibrators can be seen all over the place but there are several other things to be discovered. For example Hot Chocolat that presented vaginas, boobs and dicks made out of chocolate. Or jewelery, crazy furniture, BDSM gear or a tattoo stand.

Shows are an important part of the entertainment. The main stage features a variety of general performances while some closed stages are more explicit. For the female visitors, there is a men strip show which is normally quite packed.

What are the reasons to write a report from a rather small adult show in general? Because small shows manage to attract a surprisingly large amount of people that are obviously willing to pay a rather high entrance fee. It's the happening that pulls people in... and maybe also to watch other people. Some visitors dress up themselves, some in a weird way, some in a very sexy way...

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