Getting a spanish tan while networking

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Picture: Getting a spanish tan while networking

Granted, it's quite nice to combine pleasure with business. There are a few industry events that are a bit cooler than others, at least location wise. The Eurowebtainment is one of them. The latest installment of this famous show has just ended.

While its held on the Spanish island of Mallorca for a long time, this year a new venue hotel was introduced. The Llaut Palace Hotel is located in El Arenal, a notorious party area mainly with German tourists. While the Bierkönig was just a few blocks away, the event hotel was pretty quiet and almost deserved the 5 stars it was holding. The drink prices would have even rectified 6 stars (10 Euro for a beer) but the artificial grass at the pool, the check-in bureaucracy and the requirement to leave a deposit for the pool towel reminded more of the typical Spanish mass tourism.

Let's switch over to the event itself. For the first time, there was not only the Eurowebtainment targeting the adult industry, the organisers also introduced a sister event at the same location called The Crypto Summit. It's an interesting and smart move as it turned out that quite a few adult industry veterans are doing some crypto projects these days. And it also brought in some new faces, for example people that are specialised in ICOs or tax and legal matters.

During the day, one could either hang around at the pool, or pool bar... or sit inside to listen to some seminars. The evenings were not boring either, next to the welcome and goodbye party in the very nice rooftop bar, there was also a gala dinner with DJ and dance shows included in the ticket price.

One traditional EWT happening was also not missing this year: The boat trip. German company Fundorado again made this party on the sea possible.

All in all it was a successful, entertaining and also diverse event. An event that attracted all senses, in particular also the hot chick sense since there were always some models walking or hanging around that weren't directly connected to the industry itself but brought in a sexy vibe.

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