The new year starts with XBIZ!

NORTH AMERICA 07 Feb 2018 by
Picture: The new year starts with XBIZ!

The XBIZ show in Hollywood started the year of adult business. This typical B2B event took place in the Andaz Hotel, which was exclusively occupied for this gathering of adult industry professionals.

Attendants could participate in several panels and seminars. Two very interesting ones were about the new EU data protection regulation, the other about the new child protection requirements in the UK.

As many people in the audience seem to be unaware, the EU data protection rules apply to anyone working with data of European citizens. So unless you prevent them from accessing your site, you have a good chance you need to follow the quite strict rules about how to handle personal data. And for those thinking that “we are in the US, who cares” were proven wrong by the panel speaker. Actually there is an understanding between the EU and US to enforce the law in the US. The sanctions can be pretty significant and fines can be up to 4% of a companies revenue.

Also the new rules in the UK regarding minors from accessing adult content were surprising to many. Indeed they also affect basically everyone that is addressing UK clients. In short: If someone offers hardcore porn content without any age verification barrier, they most likely will run into issues with the BBFC. This is Britains Board of Films, that was assigned by the government to enforce age verification.

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