It's been 5 years, time for an update

18 Apr 2018 by
Picture: It's been 5 years, time for an update

It was five years ago, when one day my fellow industry perverts and me came up with the idea to create an event calendar. A calendar with all the industry events on this planet. Because, surprise, we haven't found any other sources that were at least halfway up to date. Since adult conventions are a brilliant way to do business, get new contacts and network it‘s pretty important to have an overview what‘s happening where.

Like many other online projects, we setup a Wordpress site and began to fill it up. An event plugin helped us to get the structure and display the events. We also started to write some reports of the events we visited, added some photos however without the ambition to compete with guys like Fubar or ShootX.

Good, but now after doing that since 2013, it was time for a re-launch. We have found Wordpress to be a horrible base to work on since the beginning. Not flexible enough, too overloaded with features and a nightmare to keep secure/updated. So we convinced our buddy Peach Ball to develop an individual solution. And here we go, you are looking at it: The new Adult Industry Events website.

We hope to be a suitable source for your planning and we're happy to hear about your suggestions to improve the site.

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