Venus Show and Venus Awards Berlin 2014

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Picture: Venus Show and Venus Awards Berlin 2014

Once a year and for the 18th time already, the Venus Berlin has just finished. This time the organizers abandoned the idea of creating a separate B2B area, also there was no "trade only" day. It was 4 days of full porn power. Well visible were all the webcam and amateur girls, most with their own both even. An ideal situation for the fans. And the fans came in great numbers. The convention always felt pretty busy.

On the opening day there were already the famous Venus Awards handed out. The show took place at the Ellington Hotel like last year. While the food was better this time, it was missing some more entertainment. Where have the "Weather Girls" been?

Friday night, the Netstars Party took place at the Adagio Club where more or less every girl there got some award. Later on, the crown was rocking the house. Saturday night then, it was big party time in one of the convention halls. Quite an interesting concept with some nice shows on the stage. At least there was plenty of space compared to last year in Club Felix.

Some of the Venus Award winners were:

Bonnie Rotten

Julie Hunter

Rollergirl (Magma)

Salma De Nora

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