The show from the other side of the world

ASIA 04 Sep 2016 by
Picture: The show from the other side of the world

It is a very special experience to visit the Asian Adult Expo in Hong Kong. A whole bunch of mainly Chinese manufacturers meeting other Asians and a couple of westerners. A German visitor quoted: "I have never seen so many vibrators on just a small spot".

This years event took place from the 29th to the 31st of August, as always in the Hong Kong Exhibition Center. For the first time it included a small Award show where a handful of prices were given away. For westerners it is an exciting new experience, as for example, the Venus in Berlin is a complete opposite in many ways--without any judgements.

What stood out this year was Virtual Reality. Several stands presented their VR sex toys, always combined with a masturbator. Because of the connection it's possible to synchronize the movements of the girl. But is this the future of adult entertainment?

What needs to be said is that for novelty companies looking for new products, maybe even find producers for own products, the Asia Adult Expo is the place to go.

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