Events in Asia

The show from the other side of the world

ASIA 04 Sep 2016 by Peach Ball
It is a very special experience to visit the Asian Adult Expo in Hong Kong. A whole bunch of mainly Chinese manufacturers meeting other Asians and a couple of westerners. A German visitor quoted:...

Three days of Asia Adult Expo in Hong Kong

ASIA 02 Sep 2014 by Peach Ball
Hong Kong is a perfect city to hold an exhibition. The city is easy to reach from all over the world, even though some hours of flying may be involved. This years Asia Adult Expo was held again in the...

The Asia Adult Expo in Macau was entertaining!

ASIA 19 Dec 2013 by Peach Ball
There are not a lot of adult conventions happening in Asia. And if you would like to create one, it's necessary to carefully choose the appropriate country. The Asian "Las Vegas" Macau...

That was the Asia Adult Expo in HKG

ASIA 02 Sep 2013 by Peach Ball
Asia does not have a lot of adult exhibitions. A rare amount of shows is organized by Vertical Expo, the most recent one in Hong Kong from the 29th to the 31st of August. The show was held in the Hong...

Erotic business in Hong Kong

ASIA 23 Aug 2013 by Peach Ball
Due to the restrictive laws there is not so much of an open erotic business happening in Asia, at least not when it comes to visual entertainment like porn movies. The situation is slightly better in...

Asia Adult Expo Hong Kong 2020

25 Aug to 27 Aug 2020 details

China Adult Care Expo Shanghai 2020

Postponed ASIA CHINA
17 Apr to 19 Apr 2020 details

Asia Adult Expo Hong Kong 2019

27 Aug to 29 Aug 2019 details

Taipei Red Expo Taipei 2019

02 Aug to 04 Aug 2019 details

Asia Adult Expo Hong Kong 2018

28 Aug to 30 Aug 2018 details
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