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05 Apr 2020 by
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All the restrictions introduced to fight the Corona virus pandemic forces whole industries to re-invent themselves. One sector hit hard by travel bans are conferences and exhibitions. Attendees are either unable to get to the event location or are simply afraid of catching a disease. People prefer to stay home for the time being.

A lot of upcoming events have already been postponed as we wrote about in a previous article. However specially in the business world, there is still a need to look forward, get new business contacts, share ideas and sell procuts and services. The organizers of Webmaster Access went now a step ahead and announced the first virtual conference. The Webmaster Access show from the 4th to the 6th of June will be held completely online.

What to expect?

As usual there will be seminars and speakers, this time however one can listen to them in the comfort of the own home using the Zoom conference application. The WMA organizers expect over 10.000 attendees, more than 40 seminars and 60 speakers to talk about how to make money online. It's about keeping ones business competitive and to disover a new way of digital B2B networking.

Tickets are now available for free to industry professionals on the events website:

According to the organizers, conference profits will be donated to nonprofit response and prevention efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

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