Safety first, postponed events

13 Mar 2020 by
Picture: Safety first, postponed events

Some might have read it in the media, there is a virus pandemic going on in most parts of the world. The virus called Covid-19 is similar to a flu however spreading really quickly and is quite agressive too if you catch it. It attacks the lungs and specially older people have a significantly higher chance that an infection can end fatal.

Postponed events due to Covid-19

An event organizers highest priority is to keep visitors, staff and exhibitors save. Some have now started to postpone their events. In particular events that would have taken place this March and April and in regions that are affected the most by the virus. Some countries are also prohibiting any events or restricting gatherings of more than a certain amount of people. The governments goal is to limit social interactions and therefore the virus from spreading.

Adult Industry Events is monitoring the information channels and updating the event list as soon as date changes or cancellations are communicated. If you are planning to attend conferences and shows in the near future, we strongly recommend to keep an eye on our list and the events homepage. Also prepare for the possibility of short term changes or event cancellations. The risk situation can update daily and organizers might be forced to act short-term. Luckily most airlines and hotels allow free date changes and cancellations for the moment, even on non-refundable and non-changeable rates.

It's going to be a difficult time for many businesses. Event organizers are going into great commitments by renting halls, equipment and hiring staff to make an event happen. Changing a date or even cancel a show always require additional financial efforts. So it's important to support each other, the organizers, the attendees and the exhibitors. Only full halls mean new contacts, new ideas, new business and of course good entertainment.

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