XBIZ Keynote by Erika Lust

NORTH AMERICA 16 Dec 2022 by
Picture: XBIZ Keynote by Erika Lust

XBIZ has just announced a high-profile keynote speaker for the upcoming event: Porn legend Erika Lust. She is well known in the industry for many years creating and directing adult movies. Her work is pretty unique and since the beginning she put a focus on female viewers or couples.

Erika started in 2004 from her offices in Spain, shooting short scenes with amateurs and releasing them under the XConfessions brand. Since the beginning she manages to give her movies a special look & feel which distincts them from the usual porn.

Undoubtly one can say she started the trend of "couple friendly" adult entertainment. She brought porn to a new and more artful level. Porn is not an underground thing anymore and she is fighting for sex workers, including actresses and actors, to be respected professions.

Her keynote speech at the XBIZ Los Angeles from January 9 to 12 will be highly anticipated. Her views on the industry, its future and potentials and her life and experience will be interesting to listen.


Photo by: Monica Figueras

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