Wow. Welcome to 2021

03 Jan 2021 by
Picture: Wow. Welcome to 2021

Wow, wow and wow! What a year just ended. Most shows in 2020 had to be cancelled due to Covid and the introduced travel restrictions. Safety first. Some events were transformed into online events, Zoom style. They basically offered the same as real life events, just without the drinks and handshaking plus with a clear focus on a business audience. Fans had at least the chance to see their idols either during a cam session or on platforms like OnlyFans.

2021 will start virtual too. The event season kicks of with the XBIZ show, followed by the traditional Adult Entertainment Expo that usually takes place in Las Vegas.

One thing is clear, an online show cannot replace the vibes of a physical show and many people hope the restart will happen soon. At time of writing, the first events happening in real again are scheduled for March 2021. If they really manage to happen, it would have been a full year of pause.

In general, prepare yourself for short-time changes and announcements, and of course stick with us to be up to date.

Happy New Year!

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