Webmaster Access in new old hands

01 Jul 2019 by
Picture: Webmaster Access in new old hands

At the beginning of the year it was unclear whether the Webmaster Access and Internext shows would still take place this year. AVN Media Network, as the owner those B2B events, wanted to adjust their focus more on B2C events, like their flagship, the AVN Show in Las Vegas. Therefore, the B2B lines were up for grabs.

Now, the new owners have been announced: It's a group of former AVN executives, lead by Theo Sapoutzis and Panos Kouvatsos. Along in the boat are outgoing AVN Vice President Roy Salter and Events Director Kat Revenga.

Part of the deal was also the takeover of GFY (GoFuckYourself.com)--a webmaster forum.

The future of Webmaster Access and Internext seem to be secured for now, also the new owners have announced this years show date for the Webmaster Access: 17th to 19th of September held at the same location as in the past, the Double Tree Hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

To celebrate the new beginning combined with the 15th anniversary of Webmaster Access, the organisers are offering free passes until July, 26th.


The new team has a proven track record in the adult industry, has a huge network and promised some adjustments to keep the shows interesting for a broad industry audience. We wish them good luck for this new challenge.


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