The XBIZ Awards come to Europe

EUROPE 28 Apr 2018 by
Picture: The XBIZ Awards come to Europe

For many years already the XBIZ magazine is giving away their awards to the adult industry and honoring outstanding achievements across the full breadth of the adult industry, encompassing Web & Technology, Movies & Production and Retail. This normally happens in January during the XBIZ show in Los Angeles. Last year for the first time, they handed out Cam Awards during the XBIZ in Miami.

Now, the award ceremonies expand to Europe. XBIZ has just announced that they are going to host the XBIZ Europa Award in September at the annual XBIZ Berlin show. 

Leah Mahi, XBIZ's director of marketing & advertising says that they have been keeping requests to do separate awards for the European market, as the region did not get the appropriate recognition that it should from a full-fledged media organisation. Sara Ramirez, XBIZ's associate publisher  adds that Europe is a hotbed of activity for the industry and the focus of much of its current attention.

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