The business triplet is ahead

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For the industry professionals, the month of September is a great business kick-off after the summer vacation. Three European B2B events in a row will keep the folks real busy and most will probably be ready again for vacation afterwards. 10 days in a row, 10 days of networking, promoting, discussing and entertainment--and probably some drinks too.

The business triplet starts with the XBIZ in Berlin beginning on the 9th of September. Along that there will also be the XBIZ Europe Awards handed out on the 11th. Then right after The European Summit takes place in Prague. Good to know for those that are visiting both events: Hosting company MojoHost provides attendees with a free shuttle bus service! The MojoCoach will leave for Prague on the 12th at 09:30am. So don't forget to contact MojoHost to reserve a seat.

The sequence ends in Amsterdam with the Webmaster Access show. A show that used to be held by AVN Magazine but meanwhile taken over by a group of former AVN managers. So it will be the first show under that new lead. Maybe there will be some surprises?

While all shows somehow focus on similar topics, still all will be different. It's not only the show, it's also the environment that will be unique. One thing for sure all have in common: Berlin, Prague and Amsterdam are all relaxed and cool cities. And all have a nice beer tradition. Cheers.

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