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EUROPE 26 Feb 2022 by
Picture: Stuck in Spain

From the 23rd to the 26th of February the European Summit (TES) takes place in Sitges, near Barcelona in Spain. It's a packed event with more than 1000 international attendees. Finally an affiliate conference like in the good old days.

Shocking news though hit the many visitors from the Ukraine. While they were taking care of business, networking and attending seminars, the message arrived them that their country was invaded by Russia and now in war. And again, from one day to another, the world stood upside down.

Luckily, solidarity is huge and attendants and companies already started to take care of their stranded colleagues. Most of the ukranian attendees actually don't know how to get back home at the current time. All flights are cancelled, airports are under russian control. Also it became difficult for them to get money or pay things, as banking networks are out of service. We have heard from cam company IMLIVE that as a gesture of friendship and support they offered TES attendees from the Ukraine 10 days paid accomodation in a hotel in the Barcelona area. Also a fundraiser is being organized.

Our thoughts are with Ukraine and hopefully peace will prevail very soon.

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