JFK: An industry legend passed

02 Oct 2021 by
Picture: JFK: An industry legend passed

He was around at almost every adult industry event, carrying his camera and hitting the shutter button so everyone could lock some memories. All knew him and all will miss him. Yesterday the Kedvessy family announced with the following message that legendary Julius Kedvessy aka JFK aka Fubar has passed.

Husband, father and all around stubborn asshole, his personality was larger than life and nothing could slow him down. Julius was forever on the run with various projects and businesses to occupy his time, constantly filled with new ideas of what new adventure he could partake in.

He was forever quietly doing things to help others without ever wanting any credit for himself. Even if he was incredibly opinionated he was always his most authentic self.

There is so much more and not enough words to describe the man that Julius was.

He is survived by his wife of over 46 years Sandra Kane and his three children Alex Kedvessy, Diana Cerovich and Nicole Kedvessy as well as their partners. He will also be greatly missed by his brother Laszlo, his sister Eniko and his grandchildren, nieces and nephews as well as so many friends and family all over the world.

He is leaving every single one of us telling him to "Fuck off" one last time.

Julius was not just "the guy with the camera" and operator of the Fubar Webmasters site. He was a friend to many as well as an inspiration. Around for so many years. Stubborn but kind. I'm sure many enjoyed a smoke with him, so did I. Rest in peace.

The celebration of life ceremony service will be on the 16th of October at Biltmore Theatre in Oshawa, Canada.

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