Is ***** the new beginning?

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23 Sep 2020 Update: Also the Berlin show on November 1st will not take place. A new date was set to May 2021 for Prague again.

12 Sep 2020 Update: A few days after writing this article, the organizers have surprisingly decided to move the event from Prague to Berlin, Germany. Official explanations have not yet been published. The show dates will be November 1st to 4th.

As we all know, all adult industry events so far this year 2020 have been cancelled or postponed to next year. Or moved to an online event. It appears now that the end of October might be a turning point.

The first event on our calendar that has not been cancelled yet is the Exxxotica show in New Jersey, USA. It is supposed to start on the 23rd of October. According to rumours however it's quite likely to be postponed. Next on the list is The European Summit in Prague. For that, the organizers started the promotional activities just about a week ago. They seem to be very confident to make it happen and also started ticket sales.

So, will Prague be the new beginning and the end of a long lasting dry period? The organizers had to adapt the program quite a bit to comply with current regulations. One major compromise is regarding the number of participants. There cannot be more than 500 people attending any fair or conference in the Czech Republic. Therefore only 500 tickets will be on sale. This time even affiliate tickets have a price tag, a lower one that the regular tix though.

Limited entertainment

The European Summit in Prague is legendary for the many side events and parties. This time, the entertainment level is rather low. Still there should be the YNOT Awards show, a poker tournament and the Clickadu closing party. However, the summit is not only about party, it is for a huge part also to network, about getting new contacts. And for that there will still be plenty of opportunities. Also there are many seminars and panels on the schedule. Unfortunately for all that, the attendants are required to wear a mask during the whole show. The limited amount of people will also make it possible to implement social distancing. Safety first.

After all it might still get very interesting there and a limited number of participants can also be a good thing. It could raise the quality of attendance.

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