Exxxotica settles with Dallas

NORTH AMERICA 14 Jun 2019 by
Picture: Exxxotica settles with Dallas

The Exxxotica show is usually being held in four American cities each year. It's a show for fans where many well-known porn stars appear for signings and on stage performances. Also erotic toys and lingerie can be found on the exhibitions floors.

While Edison (NJ), Miami (FL) and Rosemont (IL) seem to be quite stable locations for Exxxotica, back in 2015 this was not the case in Dallas (TX) and the reason the upcoming shows were moved to Denver (CO) and Portland (OR). It's not a secret that Texas is a conservative state. In 2015, a show held at the Dallas Convention Center got quite an opposition of anti-sex and moralist groups. After that the mayor and city council tried to make sure the 2016 edition of Exxxotica will not be held anymore in the Dallas Convention Center and better not even in Dallas at all--whatever it takes.

A decision that is in violation with the businesses free-speech rights. And that was the base where Exxxotica decided to file a lawsuit against the City of Dallas. While Dallas won the initial motion in trial court, an appeal was granted by the Court of Appeals later on. The story now ends with a settlement where the organisers of Exxxotica will receive a payment of $650,000 from the City of Dallas--or actually its not so open minded tax payers.


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