A Crypto Summit at the Eurowebtainment

EUROPE 11 May 2018 by
Picture: A Crypto Summit at the Eurowebtainment

Crypto has arrived in the adult industry. The Eurowebtainment (EWT) in Mallorca will feature a Crypto Summit for the first time this year. The show will take place during the same dates as the EWT, from the 23rd to 26th of May 2018 in the Llaut Palace Hotel.

It's going to be a conference for experts, affiliates and insiders of the crypto community including workshops for beginners. There is great demand for cryptos and it will be a good chance to beef up your knowledge and exchange your ideas with other participants.

No doubt, the setting on the beautiful island of Mallorca/Spain will be relaxing with beautiful surroundings and delicious food.

The panels and expert workshops will cover topics such as "Trading", "Affiliate and Online Marketing" and  "Crypto currencies – their potential and future effects".

There are special packages available that include the member fee and hotel room as well as access to the welcome party and a gala dinner. Those booking early will benefit from an additional discount. It will also be possible to just attend single seminars.

For more information and how to register:

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