Time to pack the suitcase. Big time.

September is a month where the designated adult industry person needs to put a lot of clothes into the suitcase. In particular if he or her is in the online business. The month is packed with events and therefore a lot of traveling in the calendar.

Very intensive are the last two weeks of the month. Good luck all is in Europe. Starting with Webmaster Access in Amsterdam, then just after the European Summit in Prague following by the XBIZ EU in London. Those that still have power will finish the month in Munich where the Oktoberfest Gathering takes place. Cheers!

Three days of Asia Adult Expo in Hong Kong

Asia Adult Expo Hong KongHong Kong is a perfect city to hold an exhibition. The city is easy to reach from all over the world, even though some hours of flying may be involved. This years Asia Adult Expo was held again in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition center, far from everybody up on the 5th floor.

Compared to last year the show felt slightly larger however the focus did not change: Toys and lingerie. What has changed was the increased number of foreigners and seminars. The manufacturers could for example learn about the electrical test requirements for the EU market. Or how the Hong Kong and China trademark laws work. Even the Brazilian erotic market got its attention: With Ms. Elaine Pessini from ABEME BRAZIL explaining the possibilities in her country.

Vertical Expo, the company that organized the show, did again a great job in bringing people together and make everyone happy. One could feel that they understand the importance of creating an attractive platform. And indeed there is no other place to easily get in touch with far east manufacturers.

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AEE 2014

The ETO Show 2014 in Birmingham

ETO 2014Adultwise there is not that much happening in the United Kingdom. On reason for sure is areĀ  strict government regulations that mainly affect porn.

Nevertheless, again this year the ETO Show took place in Birmingham, organised by the ETO Magazine. As expected, the main attractions of that B2B event were novelties and clothing. Erigo Distribution was the only company offering porn DVDs. A stage in the middle of the hall was acting as a catwalk where the companies could present their latest lingerie.