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The show from the other side of the world

Asia Adult ExpoIt is a very special experience to visit the Asian Adult Expo in Hong Kong. A whole bunch of mainly Chinese manufacturers meeting other Asians and a couple of westerners. A German visitor quoted: “I have never seen so many vibrators on just a small spot”.

This years event took place from the 29th to the 31st of August, as always in the Hong Kong Exhibition Center. For the first time it included a small Award show where a handful of prices were given away. For westerners it is an exciting new experience, as for example, the Venus in Berlin is a complete opposite in many ways–without any judgements.

What stood out this year was Virtual Reality. Several stands presented their VR sex toys, always combined with a masturbator. Because of the connection it’s possible to synchronize the movements of the girl. But is this the future of adult entertainment?

What needs to be said is that for novelty companies looking for new products, maybe even find producers for own products, the Asia Adult Expo is the place to go.

Asia Adult Expo Asia Adult Expo Asia Adult Expo

Three days of Asia Adult Expo in Hong Kong

Asia Adult Expo Hong KongHong Kong is a perfect city to hold an exhibition. The city is easy to reach from all over the world, even though some hours of flying may be involved. This years Asia Adult Expo was held again in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition center, far from everybody up on the 5th floor.

Compared to last year the show felt slightly larger however the focus did not change: Toys and lingerie. What has changed was the increased number of foreigners and seminars. The manufacturers could for example learn about the electrical test requirements for the EU market. Or how the Hong Kong and China trademark laws work. Even the Brazilian erotic market got its attention: With Ms. Elaine Pessini from ABEME BRAZIL explaining the possibilities in her country.

Vertical Expo, the company that organized the show, did again a great job in bringing people together and make everyone happy. One could feel that they understand the importance of creating an attractive platform. And indeed there is no other place to easily get in touch with far east manufacturers.

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AEE 2014

The Asia Adult Expo in Macau was entertaining!

Japanese AV models

Japanese AV models

There are not a lot of adult conventions happening in Asia. And if you would like to create one, it’s necessary to carefully choose the appropriate country. The Asian “Las Vegas” Macau seems to be one of those. Organizer Vertical Expo did a great job with the latest edition of their Asian Adult Expo or short, AAE.

While the show they held in Hong Kong back in August was focussed on B2B, the one just finished in Macau was open to everybody. It was clearly more entertainment oriented. There was a stage where several shows were performed, mainly by hot Australian gay men and a bunch of Japanese AV models. There were also some less public shows, one of them by a crazy guy called “Pricasso” who painted pictures with his genitals.

Of course there were also several stands offering their products. There was quite a penetration of condoms on display, from Chinese manufacturers up to well-known international brand “Durex”.

The convention center in the Venetian hotel seemed to be an excellent and convenient location. Next Asian Adult Expo will be again in Hong Kong in August.