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The European Summit in Prague

It was kind of the finale of quite a tour this September. The European Summit in Prague was the last webmaster show of a row that started with the Webmaster Access in Amsterdam, then the XBIZ Berlin.

In Prague several dozen companies presented themselves and their services at the show floor of the Diplomat Hotel. There were also a bunch of seminar rooms constantly occupied with panels that addressed about 80 different topics. With more than 1000 participants, the event was really busy and packed with networking opportunities.

The side entertainment started with the traditional Czech Dinner and ended with a party evening at the hotel. The Czech Dinner was as always exceptional. If someone walked home hungry (or thirsty) then he did something wrong. Next to the food, there were were also several entertainment parts, like live music or striptease.

The next European Summit will take place next spring in Portugal. This instead of the traditional gathering in Sitges, Spain.

The summer is over, let’s get to business again

The summer is over however no need to put away the suitcases from the summer holidays if you are working in the adult entertainment industry. September will be packed with opportunities to network, attend seminars or just hang around with fellow industry people.

There is no time to get home if you’re serious about business. The journey starts with the Webmaster Access in Amsterdam on the 8th of September. The you have to move over to Berlin for the XBIZ. And immediately after, it’s the European Summit in Prague. 3 shows within less than 10 days. Don’t forget your vitamins and Aspirin.


LALEXPO: The show that was ended before it started

LALEXPO is an important show for the latin american adult market, actually they claim to be the only one for the region. It takes place in Cartagena, Colombia and should have started this week. Unfortunately it was shut down by the authorities before it even officially started,  apparently due to public protests and political pressure. Colombian news outlets reported about the show for quite some time and influenced public opinion.

Trade visitors from the whole world were quite surprised as they met Police at the venue and been told to leave. At least the side activities are still going on so for B2B folks there are still plenty of opportunities to network and do some business.

The reasons for the shutdown are not completely clear however but attendants believe the government just wants the adult business out of the city. And for sure the religious parties have contributed their part in that decision.